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The Anywheres are an Alt-Country Duo from Melbourne. Like many artists, 2020 ruined their plans to release and perform their music but, it's now 2021, so Rosie Conforto and Dom Italiano can finally share the sweet harmonies and lush arrangements of their debut album with the world. 

An advantage of The Anywheres being a harmony duo is that 2 voices get to explore each song: the tension & longing for resolution in their lyrics tell both sides of each story. 

From the sparse strings, guitar & vocal arrangement of 'I Will Bring You Home' to the foot-stomping, country anthem 'Some Folks', The Anywheres will lure you in and take you on an hypnotic roller-coaster of love, hurt & heroism. 

The Anywheres will present their debut album with a full-band performance for the first time and will share the stage on the evening with Riley Catherall. 

Riley Catherall is an Alt-Country Singer-Songwriter based in Melbourne whose graceful trajectory into the Australian Alt-Country Music world has not gone unnoticed. Working with some of the industry's finest for his first EP, Venture In Vain, Riley has built a credible status as a one of the country’s most promising songwriters. 

Released in July 2021, Riley's much anticipated debut LP, When I Go, saw singles Mother Please and Vacant Lot as part of a collection of songs that stand for an emotional period of time in the songwriter's life, illustrating a patient and arresting lyricist in the genesis of his career.

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