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2 Ways You Can Lower Your Towing Fees

Getting your car towed may end up being a rather expensive venture, depending on how far you need to have it towed. Most tow companies will charge by the mile, past a certain flat fee. While the mileage rate is generally fair, once you start adding in a lot of miles, it can add up. […]

How To Change A Diesel Fuel Filter

Fuel filters get filled up with grime and gunk over time. To keep your diesel engine running well, you should change the filter at least once a year (or when you get your oil changed). Here is how you can change your diesel fuel filter. You Will Need: Replacement Filter O-Ring Catch Basin Rags Channel […]

3 Signs Your Brake System Needs Work

Has it been a while since you have last received repairs and services for your brake system? If so and you are not sure when it is the right time to take your car in for brake tune-ups then there are signs and indicators that you will definitely want to look for. So, the next […]